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French Creek Nature Center

Updated: Apr 22

4530 Colorado Ave, Sheffield, OH 44054

HOURS: Everyday: 10:00am - 4:30pm

French Creek Nature Center & Theater puts on tons of great, affordable, events and educational programs for all ages, such as holiday parties, guided trail walks, puppet shows, plays, animal encounters and much more. But there’s also plenty to do there on any ordinary day, all for FREE.

Their indoor children’s play area is on the smaller side compared to some others but it’s cute, cozy and so much fun. 🥰 There are tons of fun & educational activities for littles in this space.

🦅 Binoculars & a scavenger hunt for bird watching.

🐛 Nature themed activities & puzzles.

🌳 Climbing tree wall and interactive tree structures with puppet stage & a cozy reading nook.

🐢 Down the hall is a large area with some fish and turtle tanks. This is where they set up a lot of their events but it’s often open and a great large space for the kiddos to run around indoors. This room is also available for event rentals at a decent price. It’s the perfect place for a kid’s birthday party or a baby shower! (separate blog post on that, coming soon)

✂️ They often have a free craft in the lobby with different seasonal themes.

🥾 Outside there are a lot of great hiking trails along the beautiful French Creek.

We just love it here & know your littles will too! 💕

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