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Sherod Park Playground

13406 W. Lake Rd. Vermilion, OH 44089

If you haven't already, you have to check out this great lake front park with tons to do & beach access! This is our kids’ absolute favorite playground & we’ve been to a lot of them.

They didn’t make em’ like this when we were kids! This awesome playground in Vermilion was built in 2022 and has an incredible 3-story jungle gym.

You have to climb to get to the top 2 levels so it’s not super accessible to all children or the younger kids but there are lots of other fun features here for the littles; like 2 smaller jungle gyms on the opposite side with fun interactive games & activities.

We also really liked the 4-seater teeter-totter & zip-line. As well as the recently added tunnel play feature!

There are picnic pavilions & a really nice walking path with a lake view.

🚽 I think the ONLY downside is the only bathrooms are porta-potties & they are only out during the summer season.

We just love it here & know your littles will too! 💕

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