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*BRAND NEW* Museum of Illusions Cleveland

Updated: Jun 7

200 Euclid Avenue, Suite 130 Cleveland, Ohio 44114

HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 10am-9pm / Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm

The Museum of Illusions just opened in downtown Cleveland and it is such a cool & unique experience for all ages! (4 and under are FREE, as well as teachers & educators)

Sometimes it's hard for us to find outings that our older kids (11 & 12) and littles can both enjoy and this was equally fun for all 6 of us!

There are so many immersive exhibits that let you not only observe, but step inside & become a part of mind-bending optical illusions, with tons of great photo ops that will have the whole family laughing!

There was friendly staff throughout the museum to answer any questions, take photos, & give posing suggestions for the best results. It was also nice to see them sanitizing the different stations frequently & cleaning all the mirrors so you can see the illusions clearly. The space is also handicap accessible and all on one level with no stairs.

It took our family about an hour to walk through the whole museum but we could've easily spent 2 hours if we stopped and read every display description. When you purchase tickets online, you choose a time slot, which is really nice because it keeps it from getting too busy or congested which could definitely negatively effect the overall experience. (Weekdays are probably the least busy time to go)

The gift shop had so many cool toys like magnets, mini magic tricks, and optical illusion desktop decor. The cool thing about optical illusions and brain teasers is that they are not only fun, but also educational about how the human brain works and perceives things.

*TIP: Try to go early to find parking, we were in a hurry and settled for a more expensive option that was closer for time's sake but there are multiple different public parking garages in the area. The museum is located right by the House of Blues and across from Public Square.



We just loved it here & know your littles will too! 💕

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So so cool! 🤩

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